39,about coal to gas natural gas equipment -凯时登录

 39,about coal to gas natural gas equipment -凯时登录

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39,about coal to gas natural gas equipment - doer equipment

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coal to gas and natural gas equipment

product introduction: the skid mounted gas supply terminal of lng gasification station is a natural gas supply system developed for the monthly gas demand of urban independent residential quarters, small and medium-sized industrial users and large and medium-sized public construction users.

structural features: all functional components except lng storage tank are integrated on skid base, the whole system covers a small area, has a short manufacturing cycle, and is easy to install on site; the design, manufacturing, testing, debugging and after-sales service of the whole system are completed by professional manufacturers, which is reliable and convenient. now the field installation workload is small, only the import and export pipeline connection and external electrical connection, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and reliable use, and can realize remote control, without on-site duty.

reference technical data: in the construction of the latest gasification station, skid mounted modular equipment is used for complete set. compared with the design, procurement and installation of traditional plant and station, this technology, design and equipment are quite different, with the following remarkable characteristics:

a. high integration: the intensive nature of the skid mounted device determines that the design and production of such products must make full use of the limited space to achieve the best configuration effect. therefore, the skid mounted device has a compact structure and can reduce the floor space compared with the traditional installation method.

b. high reliability: the production and assembly of skid mounted equipment are completed in the factory, and the assembly environment is good compared with the site; can make full use of the advanced production equipment of the equipment manufacturer's factory; we can make full use of the advanced testing equipment in the factory of the equipment manufacturer.

c. investment saving: the skid mounted production mode makes the mass production of lng station possible. the mass production will greatly reduce the cost of skid mounted equipment, including the purchase cost of component equipment, the saving cost of material usage, and the installation cost, thus saving investment for the final user. at the same time, the skid mounted installation method greatly saves the installation cost.

d. shorten the construction period: skid mounted equipment will minimize the amount of on-site installation and greatly shorten the construction period of the project. the installation cycle can be reduced by about half.

e. simple installation: the systematic design of skid mounted gasification station will make the field installation and assembly of each skid mounted equipment module extremely simple.

f. simple operation: the design of skid mounted equipment and the controllability of production can fully simplify its operation procedure. it is conducive to the safe production in operation.

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