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43,psa nitrogen plant - doer equipment

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43,psa nitrogen plant -凯时登录

psa nitrogen plant

under a certain pressure, the diffusion rate of nitrogen and oxygen in the air on the carbon molecular sieve is quite different. in a short time, oxygen molecules are adsorbed by the carbon molecular sieve, and nitrogen molecules are enriched in the gas phase to achieve oxygen nitrogen separation.

because the adsorption capacity of carbon molecular sieve for oxygen varies with the pressure, the oxygen molecules adsorbed by carbon molecular sieve can be desorbed by reducing the pressure, so that carbon molecular sieve can be regenerated and reused. two adsorption tower processes are adopted, one is adsorption to produce nitrogen, the other is desorption to regenerate, and the cycle is alternate to continuously produce high-quality nitrogen.

the unique protection measures of carbon molecular sieve extend the service life of carbon molecular sieve; famous brand is the effective guarantee of equipment quality for key components; the national patent technology of automatic venting device, with a variety of fault diagnosis, alarm and automatic processing functions; it can be equipped with touch screen display, dew point detection, energy saving control, dcs communication, etc.

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