45,what are the three types of large cryogenic tanks-凯时登录

 45,what are the three types of large cryogenic tanks-凯时登录

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45,what are the three types of large cryogenic tanks- doer equipmen

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what are the three types of large cryogenic tanks?

suzhou doer gas specializes in the production of low temperature storage tanks, large low temperature liquid storage tanks, vacuum powder storage tanks and air temperature gasifiers. water bath gasifier and other low-temperature equipment, in which the large-scale low-temperature storage tank can also be divided into the following three types:

(1) single capacity tank: single or double-layer tank with low liquid proof tank around it.

(2) double capacity tank: the inner tank stores cryogenic liquid under normal working conditions, the distance between the outer tank (or shell) and the inner tank is not more than 6m, and it can contain cryogenic liquid leaked from the inner tank. inside the tank, but does not block the volatile steam.

(3) full capacity tank: the outer tank (or shell) is 1 ~ 2m away from the inner tank, which can hold the low temperature liquid and volatile steam leaked from the inner tank at the same time. in recent years, with the progress of cryogenic storage and transportation technology and the needs of industrial and agricultural production, the application of small and medium cryogenic liquid storage tanks is more and more widely.

the middle and small low temperature storage tank adopts vertical cylinder structure, the inner tank is internal pressure storage tank, the outer tank is vacuum storage tank, the middle layer is vacuumized, and the powder is insulated. this kind of tank is usually completed in the factory and hoisted on site. this kind of tank has the advantages of good heat insulation effect, small loss, pressure storage, reducing discharge loss, and low operation cost. however, considering transportation problems, the volume of such tanks is usually limited, usually less than 200 cubic meters.

the most widely used large-scale low-temperature storage tank is steel welded double-layer low-temperature storage tank. this tank originated in the late 1970s. because of its unique security in low pressure (atmospheric pressure) storage, the storage cost is low. it has the advantages of large scale, relatively small floor area, simple operation and low operation cost, so it is widely used for storage of low temperature liquid such as ammonia, liquefied petroleum gas and ethylene.

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