47,introduction of lng storage tank for liquefied natural gas -凯时登录

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47,introduction of lng storage tank for liquefied natural gas - doer equipment

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47,introduction of lng storage tank for liquefied natural gas -凯时登录

introduction of lng storage tank

it is a place with lng loading and unloading function and lng cylinder filling function for the main purpose of storing lng. at present, most of the storage and distribution stations under construction have the function of peak load regulation, so that they can play the greatest role. it must not be a single function reserve station.

liquefied natural gas (lng) is condensed into liquid by cooling the gaseous natural gas to - 162 ℃ under normal pressure. the liquefied natural gas can greatly save the storage and transportation space, and has the characteristics of high calorific value and high performance.

liquefied natural gas is also an important industrial raw material and fuel. its main uses include the main fuel of power plant, heat energy, heating and other industrial enterprises, the fuel of catering industry and civil use, and the main raw material of chemical industry. it is an ideal substitute for gasoline and diesel in motor vehicles. however, lng storage is also a problem that can not be ignored.

lng is often stored in storage tanks. therefore, the storage tanks for lng at low temperature should meet the following requirements:

(1) low temperature resistance

the boiling point of lng under normal pressure is - 160 ℃. lng storage tanks are required to have good low temperature resistance and excellent cold insulation performance.

(2) high safety requirements

the storage in the tank is low-temperature liquid. in case of an accident in the tank, a large amount of refrigerated liquid will volatilize, and the gasification amount is about 300 times of the original refrigerated state, forming an air mass that will automatically detonate in the atmosphere.

(3) special materials

the inner tank wall is required to be resistant to low temperature, 9ni steel or aluminum alloy is generally used, and the outer tank wall is prestressed reinforced concrete.

(4) strict thermal insulation measures

as the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the tank can reach 200 ℃, the tank must have good cold insulation performance to keep the temperature in the tank at - 160 ℃.

(5) good seismic performance

in order to ensure the safety of the storage tank under accidental load, the storage tank must have good seismic performance.

(6) strict construction requirements

in order to prevent concrete cracks, post tensioned prestressed construction is adopted, and the verticality of tank wall is strictly controlled.

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