51,do you know lng atmospheric tank-凯时登录

 51,do you know lng atmospheric tank-凯时登录

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51,do you know lng atmospheric tank- doer equipment

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do you know lng atmospheric tank?

the working pressure of atmospheric storage tank is generally below 25kpa, and it adopts vertical, flat bottom, double wall (metal inner wall metal outer wall / concrete outer wall), self vault or suspended ceiling structure. the material of cold insulation layer is mainly pearlite, and the thickness of cold insulation layer is generally between 1-1.3m. atmospheric tank is prefabricated in factory and assembled on site.

scope of application:

the volume of storage tank is 2-200000 m ³ between.

of which 200-50000m ³ most of the atmospheric storage tanks in china adopt bimetallic wall structure, which is mainly used for liquefaction plant storage and urban peak shaving. 100000-20m ³ the structure of concrete outer wall and metal inner wall is mainly used for large coastal terminal. 50000-100000 m ³ both structures can be applied, mainly for coastal or riverside receiving stations, or peak shaving in large cities.

at present, for 50000 m ³ there are mainly two types of atmospheric tanks as follows:

1、 bimetallic single tank

2、 bimetal full tank

single tank is widely used in the market, and it is also used very early, and there are many cases in china. bimetallic full capacity tanks have only been applied in recent two years.

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