52,do you know how to handle the tank correctly-凯时登录

 52,do you know how to handle the tank correctly-凯时登录

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52,do you know how to handle the tank correctly- doer equipment

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do you know how to handle the tank correctly?

the following is the correct way to handle and erect the tank:

① according to the lifting instruction diagram, tie the top and leg lifting ears with ropes (the top lifting ears of the storage tank are used for the horizontal tank, and the bottom lifting can be used outside the saddle if there is no lifting ears).

② remove the chain, rope or support that holds the tank to the truck deck.

③ . raise the tank a few inches and check that there is no connection between the tank and the trailer.

④ . remove the tank from the trailer and place it on the floor mat, or if the floor mat is under construction, place the tank in the designated storage area.

precautions for storage location:

if the tank (especially the larger tank) is to be installed at the customer's site, the following factors should be considered before installation:

the first factor to be considered is that the site of the tank should be compact, easy to operate and close to the liquid delivery point.

there should be solid soil conditions to prevent the equipment from being damaged during installation and storage, and the foundation of the storage place must be kept away from the drainage ditch.

if the storage tank is placed outdoors, the storage tank and related equipment (if any) shall not be exposed or in the environment of damaged power supply flammable liquid pipeline or flammable gas pipeline.

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