53,preparation of storage tank location and precautions -凯时登录

 53,preparation of storage tank location and precautions -凯时登录

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53,preparation of storage tank location and precautions - doer equipment

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preparation of storage tank storage place and matters needing attention

the preparation of storage tank storage location, the precautions of location preparation include the selection of suitable foundation. before foundation fabrication, it may be necessary to remove all organic matter and topsoil. cement mat is the most common foundation, and storage tanks are placed on the mat. the floor mat is a stable and permanent storage place for the device and any other auxiliary facilities (such as reserve gas cylinders, vaporizers, etc.) equipped on the same site. the foundation or foundation structure of the cement floor mat should be solid, which is also very important. a layer of stones or crushed stones should be laid under the foundation.

it is suggested that a local qualified engineer should recommend a kind of mat design, which should meet the local and national requirements and regulations on soil and climate conditions and local earthquake.

protection of place of placement

in most cases, the tank is vulnerable to damage, which may be caused by unauthorized personnel operation, other equipment moving into the area where the tank is located, or both.doer to external exposure, railings or supports should be used for protection.

other points for attention

the installation of the tank shall be carried out under the supervision of personnel familiar with the structure and use of the tank.

according to the installation requirements, all on-site pipelines and connections connected with the storage tank shall be pressure tested (according to the air tightness test pressure equal to the design pressure) to check for leakage.

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