54,on the equipment form of full tank -凯时登录

 54,on the equipment form of full tank -凯时登录

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54,on the equipment form of full tank - doer equipment

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on the equipment form of full tank

full tank structure: flat bottom ceiling, vertical double cylinder metal wall, full containment structure;

insulation form: pearlite powder accumulation insulation cotton elastic felt insulation;

equipment composition: including vault type outer tank, ceiling type inner tank, hot angle protective layer, insulation system (including bottom insulation layer, top insulation layer and annular interlayer insulation layer), tank pipeline (including submersible pump discharge system, etc.), tank fire protection (including dry powder system and spray system), and tank top platform (including main operation platform, safety relief platform, lifting platform and annular corridor) stairs (including inner tank ladder platform, emergency escape ladder, tower ladder), instrument electrical control, safety accessories (electrostatic grounding), etc.

the equipment foundation is overhead type, the whole equipment is located on the reinforced concrete foundation platform, and the bottom of the foundation platform is supported by concrete columns, which is conducive to the ventilation and moisture insulation of the equipment foundation.

doerl gas full capacity tank, specializing in the production of low temperature equipment and research and development, the main products are atmospheric tanks, full capacity tanks, sub master tanks, vacuum tanks and various epc projects.

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