55,on the manufacture of inner cylinder head and inner cylinder of storage tank -凯时登录

 55,on the manufacture of inner cylinder head and inner cylinder of storage tank -凯时登录

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55,on the manufacture of inner cylinder head and inner cylinder of storage tank - doer equipment

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on the manufacture of the inner cylinder head and inner cylinder of the storage tank

304 (0cr18ni9) stainless steel bars must be purchased for storage tanks. bars with insufficient amount of chromium and nickel shall not be purchased, and the machined surface shall be free of defects such as interlayer and double skin.

inner cylinder head:

1. stainless steel plate shall be rechecked as required.

2. provide outsourcing inner cylinder head processing drawings.

3. the blanking size of the head shall meet the requirements of the spinning head factory.

4. head plate marking, blanking, plasma cutting, groove processing (blunt edge 4mm, 30 degree groove), assembly back hand welding (welding rod 107).

5. submerged arc welding, welding wire h0cr21ni10, flux 260. the back is protected by longitudinal flux pad, the back is cleaned by carbon arc air gouging and polished to metallic luster by angle grinding wheel, and the back is welded by submerged arc welding.

6. spin the head according to the drawing requirements, and process the groove according to the requirements.

7. after the head spinning, 100% radiographic inspection was carried out on the weld, and the grade ii was qualified.

8. the right head shall be scribed, and the hole shall be opened according to the pipe (plasma cutting). the opening position shall be away from the welding seam, and the distance shall not be less than 100 mm. the groove shall be polished with grinding wheel and grinding head, the transition pipe shall be assembled, the argon arc welding shall be used for spot welding, the two sides shall be welded and fully welded, and the welding wire shall be h0cr21ni10. after welding, 100% coloring inspection shall be carried out on the weld.

9. the left head is the final closure weld of the inner cylinder. the left head is assembled with the liner plate, and the argon arc welding spot is used for solid welding. the liner plate and the side of the head are intermittently welded by argon arc welding, and the welding is 100 to 80. the groove of the liner plate and the head is sealed by argon arc welding.

10. the left and right heads shall be assembled after degreasing.

11. strict process discipline.

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