64,what is the introduction of vacuum powder storage tank-凯时登录

 64,what is the introduction of vacuum powder storage tank-凯时登录

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64,what is the introduction of vacuum powder storage tank- doer equipment

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what is the introduction of vacuum powder storage tank?

1. doer equipment specializes in the production of low-temperature vacuum powder storage tank. the vacuum storage tank is of double cylinder structure. the inner and outer cylinders are made of s30408 and q345r respectively. the inner and outer cylinders are equipped with reinforcing rings to fully ensure the rigidity requirements of the cylinder. the unique column supporting structure is adopted between the inner and outer cylinders to minimize the cold loss.

the interlayer space is a vacuum insulation layer, which is filled with pearlite as insulation material. the factory vacuum degree is better than the national standard gb / t18442-2011 "fixed vacuum insulation cryogenic pressure vessel", so as to ensure the index of daily evaporation rate.

2. the storage medium in the vacuum storage tank is all led out by s30408 stainless steel pipes. the butt welds of all pipes are subject to 100% radiographic inspection to ensure the welding performance and facilitate the operation and control. the outlet adopts dura pipe structure to meet the requirements of low temperature and reduce the stress caused by heat expansion and cold contraction of small pipe line, so as to ensure the safety of the storage tank.

3. the support of vacuum storage tank adopts saddle structure, which is firm and reliable. a special hanging structure is designed to fully ensure the convenience and safety of transportation and lifting process.

4. the vacuum storage tank is equipped with stainless steel low temperature stop valve, combined vacuum valve (including vacuum gauge, which can measure the vacuum degree of insulation layer at any time), safety valve, relief device, pressure gauge, liquid level gauge and other instrument interfaces. when the pressure continues to rise, one set of safety valve is in working state and the other is in standby state. users can also manually open the vent valve to relieve pressure below the maximum working pressure of the tank. the combination valve is composed of safety valve and three-way valve, which not only reduces the pipeline welding, but also has good fire and anti-static structure, which fully ensures the safety and reliability of the whole equipment.

5. the use of high-quality paint on the low-temperature liquid storage tank not only reduces the atmospheric corrosion on the storage tank surface, but also stabilizes the vacuum degree of the interlayer and improves the taste and quality of the product itself.

6. procurement of raw materials

in strict accordance with iso9001-2015 quality assurance system, doer company evaluates the raw material suppliers before purchasing.

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