65,what are the means of urban peak shaving station-凯时登录

 65,what are the means of urban peak shaving station-凯时登录

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65,what are the means of urban peak shaving station- doer equipment

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what are the means of urban peak shaving station?

the urban peak shaving station designed by doer equipment is to store natural gas liquefaction for peak shaving. it is mainly built in areas far away from natural gas source. it is widely used in developed natural gas pipeline network to balance the fluctuation of urban gas consumption. similar to electricity, the amount of natural gas used in a city will change in varying degrees with time.

for example, in a year, the consumption of natural gas in winter is much larger than that in summer doer to heating (taking beijing as an example, the difference between peak and valley consumption of natural gas in winter and summer is 4-10 times). therefore, when the city's gas consumption reaches a certain scale, it needs a certain means of peak shaving, that is, to store the surplus natural gas when the gas consumption is low, and then send it back to the city pipe network when the gas consumption is high.

there are usually two methods for peak shaving of urban natural gas, one is to store high-pressure gaseous natural gas in pressure tank, the other is to store normal pressure and low-temperature natural gas in liquefied way. because the pressure of lng is low and the storage capacity per unit volume is much larger than other methods, lng storage peak shaving is more economical and an advanced and effective peak shaving method. lng peak shaving devices usually have little liquefaction capacity, but they have large energy storage and regasification capacity. the annual operation time is usually 150-200 days.

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