69,safety risk control and mitigation measures for lng air heated gasifier (1) -凯时登录

 69,safety risk control and mitigation measures for lng air heated gasifier (1) -凯时登录

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69,safety risk control and mitigation measures for lng air heated gasifier (1) -doer equipment

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safety risk control and mitigation measures for lng air heated gasifier (1)

risk control and mitigation measures for lifting heavy objects in lng air heated gasifier

● a scientific and reasonable hoisting scheme shall be prepared and approved before implementation.

● the technical scheme and safety precautions shall be disclosed before hoisting.

● before hoisting, the local meteorological department shall be contacted in advance. when the gust wind speed is greater than 10m / s, the operation shall not be carried out.

● the qualified equipment must be used, and the damaged and defective lifting equipment must never be used.

● all mobile lifting equipment must be inspected regularly, and the time interval shall not exceed 6 months.

● clean up the site within the rotating range of the crane, and personnel are not allowed to stand and work within this range.

● never overload the lifting pulley and rope.

● adjust the lifting point of the hook on the heavy object to prevent the heavy object from swinging during lifting.

● the lifting sling shall not be stranded, buckled, wound or tied on the rope to shorten the rope length.

● all lifting lugs and lifting points must pass the joint inspection before they can be used.

● the ground of crane station and walking route shall be compacted, and the subgrade shall be laid if necessary.

● during hoisting, the division of work of each post is clear, the command signal is accurate, and random operation is strictly prohibited.

★risk control and reduction measures for falling from height

● the physical conditions of the operators meet the requirements, and there is no high disease.

● the clothing of the operators meets the work requirements.

● the operators shall wear safety helmet and safety belt correctly, and the safety belt must be hung firmly for the operation above 2m. it is forbidden to hang the safety belt under and on.

● a warning area with warning signs shall be set under the operation point.

● the scaffold and protective fence erected on site meet the requirements.

● there should be isolation facilities in vertical layered operation.

● the ladder and rope ladder shall meet the requirements.

● when climbing or working, grasp firmly with hands and climb steadily with feet to avoid slipping and losing stability of center of gravity.

● sufficient lighting shall be provided for night work at height, and temporary lighting shall be installed when necessary.

● explosion proof communication operators shall be equipped for special work at height.

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