71,risk control and reduction measures for preventing mechanical injury in construction of lng air heated gasifier (3) -凯时登录

 71,risk control and reduction measures for preventing mechanical injury in construction of lng air heated gasifier (3) -凯时登录

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71,risk control and reduction measures for preventing mechanical injury in construction of lng air heated gasifier (3) - doer equipment

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how to control and reduce the risk of mechanical injury in the construction of lng air heated gasifier (3)

● the operators of lng air heated gasifier construction machinery shall be trained, pass the examination and hold the operation qualification certificate.

● before work, the operator shall check the cleaning, fastening, lubrication, protective grounding and other conditions of the construction machinery and equipment, and start it after confirming that it is qualified.

● the personnel suffering from diseases that hinder safety shall not drive or operate the construction machinery.

● the operator shall not leave the post without permission, and it is strictly forbidden to give the machinery to other personnel for driving and operation.

● the construction machinery shall be used and managed by the approved crew or special personnel, and the operators shall abide by the maintenance regulations, do a good job in all levels of maintenance, and keep the construction machinery in good condition. each shift shall fill in the operation, maintenance and repair records.

● the operating personnel shall add lubricant to the operating parts of the mechanical equipment according to the specified time. before starting, before working, during working and after shutdown, all the parts shall be inspected according to the specified items, and the faults shall be eliminated or repair suggestions shall be put forward in time.

● in case of abnormal noise, heating or other faults during operation, the construction machinery shall be stopped immediately and the power supply or power source shall be cut off before maintenance and repair.

● construction machinery shall not be operated "with defects" or overloaded. the external rotating parts of construction machinery shall be equipped with safety protection cover. the protective cover shall be convenient for parking inspection and lubricant filling.

● fixed construction machinery shall be installed on a firm foundation. before using the mobile construction machinery, the mobile wheels shall be blocked with cushion blocks or the base shall be fixed firmly.

● new construction machinery or machinery and equipment that have been refitted and reassembled must be inspected, identified and put into trial operation according to relevant current standards.

● it is strictly forbidden to repair, maintain, lubricate, fasten and adjust the construction machinery in operation. at night or when the light is not enough, there should be enough lighting in the operation area and the cab.

● before starting the machine, check whether the ground or foundation is stable, whether the rotating parts are fully lubricated, and whether the brake and clutch are flexible. the machine can be started only after it is checked and confirmed to be qualified.

● do not sit or stand in other parts of the machine except the specified seat. during operation, do not touch the rotating or transmission parts with hands, and do not directly adjust the running belt.

● when heavy machinery and equipment need to pass through overhead lines, intersections, pipe racks and pipe corridors, it is necessary to investigate first, obtain reliable data, and obtain approval from the competent department before passing.

● construction personnel shall be familiar with the structure, performance, operation method and safety requirements of construction tools, and check the tools used before construction. unqualified tools are strictly prohibited.

● electric or pneumatic tools shall not be adjusted or repaired during use. do not place the tool on the machine or equipment when it is out of use.

● the rotating parts of electric tools shall be kept clean, lubricated and flexible, and the power supply shall be cut off when the working personnel leave.

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