74,safety measures for construction of lng air heated gasifier -凯时登录

 74,safety measures for construction of lng air heated gasifier -凯时登录

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74,safety measures for construction of lng air heated gasifier - doer equipment

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safety measures in construction of lng air heated gasifier

according to the construction situation of lng air heated gasifier construction site, specific safety measures are formulated. project site safety management:

before the commencement of the project, various temporary facilities shall be arranged according to the requirements of the general layout of the construction specified in the construction composition design, including the construction machinery, parking lot, equipment and material stacking, and the layout of water, electricity and gas. the temporary layout shall meet the requirements of safety, fire prevention and industrial hygiene, as well as the regulations and requirements of the owner.

fences, cover plates and danger signs must be set up for pits, wells, holes, inflammable and explosive places in the operation area. signal lights shall be set up at night. if necessary, special personnel shall be assigned to take charge and guard day and night. all kinds of protective facilities and safety signs shall not be moved or removed without the approval of the owner.

enter and leave the plant according to the channel designated by the owner, and keep the roads on the construction site unblocked.

when working overtime at night, the construction site shall be provided with sufficient lighting, and maintenance electricians shall be assigned to be on duty for maintenance.

the storage of inflammable, explosive and toxic substances (such as gasoline, diesel oil, paint, acid, etc.) on the construction site must be kept by a special storeroom and a special person with obvious marks.

in strict accordance with the requirements of the owner and the fire law of the people's republic of china, establish and implement the fire prevention management system at the construction site. the construction site, equipment warehouse, settlements and kitchens shall be provided with qualified fire hydrants and fire-fighting equipment, which shall be managed by special personnel, and the fire-fighting facilities shall be kept in good standby state.

before entering the work area, the project staff must carry out safety education, be familiar with various safety systems in the plant, and hold the "temporary pass" issued by the owner.

the seasonal protection work must be done well in the construction site, and the heatstroke prevention and cooling work should be done well in summer.

the project department shall formulate a key safety management objective and corresponding assurance measures every month, which shall be adjusted with the progress of the project.

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