78,safety management of gasifier cutting and welding operation -凯时登录

 78,safety management of gasifier cutting and welding operation -凯时登录

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78,safety management of gasifier cutting and welding operation - doer equipment

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safety management of gasifier cutting and welding operation

the fire prevention and explosion-proof work of metal cutting and welding within the scope of project management of gasifier project shall be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the owner, and the operation certificate shall be issued, and the inflammables and explosives around the fire shall be thoroughly cleaned. if combustible gas and liquid may exist in nearby ditch, effective safety technical measures shall be taken.

●  the welder shall receive safety education for special type of work and work with certificate after passing the examination.

●  the welder must wear protective clothing, insulating shoes and protective gloves during operation.

●  when using the angle grinder, pay attention to the leakage protector of the equipment and the insulation of the circuit, whether the grinding wheel is damaged or cracked, and wear goggles and masks when grinding.

●  good ventilation and smoke exhaust measures shall be taken during indoor welding, and masks shall be worn when the smoke is large.

● when welding at high altitude, there should be high-altitude labor protection measures, such as wearing safety belt and helmet, and small tools (such as running hammer, flat shovel, etc.) should be placed in reliable parts to prevent falling from high altitude.

●  when welding on metal or metal structure, the protective articles must be worn neatly, and the rubber plate or other insulation pad must be padded under the feet. there should be guardians in case of safety.

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