79,what must be done in gasifier arc welding?-凯时登录

 79,what must be done in gasifier arc welding?-凯时登录

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79,what must be done in gasifier arc welding?

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what must be done in gasifier arc welding?

in the gasifier arc welding, it must be done: in addition to the independent power switch, the welding machine shell should be grounded or neutral protected, and the grounding resistance should not be greater than 4 ω.

——the insulation between primary and secondary lines shall be good and easy to identify.

before working, check whether the welding machine has grounding and neutral connection device, whether the contact of each grounding point is good, and whether the insulation of welding power source is damaged. when changing the welding rod, you must wear welding gloves. your hands and body should touch the conductor of the secondary circuit of the welding machine. when your body is sweating and your clothes are wet, you should not lean against the charged steel plate or sit on the weldment to work.

——when welding process pipes and steel structures, the secondary line is not allowed to be connected to the pipe rack and frame, but should be directly connected to the vicinity of the primary welding point.

——the following operations should be carried out after cutting off the power switch, changing the welding machine connector, connecting the secondary circuit, moving the welding machine, replacing the fuse, and repairing the welding machine.

oxygen acetylene flame welding (cutting) operation should be done as follows:

——welding tools must meet the quality standards, welding torch and control valve must be tight and reliable, and oxygen pressure reducer must be flexible and effective. the gas hose shall pass the pressure test without damage.

——oxygen cylinders, acetylene cylinders and compressed air cylinders shall not be placed close to the heat source and shall not be placed upside down. acetylene cylinders shall not be placed horizontally. after the gas in the cylinder is used up, there must be residual pressure.

——there should be enough safety distance between oxygen cylinder and acetylene cylinder, and the distance from open fire point should be more than 10m.

——oxygen, acetylene, argon and nitrogen shall be in the charge of special personnel, and empty bottles shall be replaced by solid ones.

——acetylene cylinders are not allowed to be placed under high voltage power supply and pipelines.

——when cutting at height, fasten the safety belt and bolt it in a secure place, hang it high and use it low. the cut materials shall be prevented from falling from high altitude to hurt people.

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