82,safety training system for constructors during gasifier construction -凯时登录

 82,safety training system for constructors during gasifier construction -凯时登录

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82,safety training system for constructors during gasifier construction - doer equipment

classification:industry publishtime:2019-10-23 14:42:21

safety training system must be established for constructors during gasifier construction

● during the gasifier construction, the construction personnel entering the construction site shall receive systematic safety training, which is divided into three levels:

level 1: the project leader or hse supervisor shall tell the relevant laws, regulations and the owner's safety regulations, put forward the project requirements for the construction personnel, and clarify various systems.

level 2: according to the scope of work on site, the person in charge of safety of the engineering team shall describe the site characteristics, adjacent processes, the safety requirements of the relationship between cooperating processes, and the safe use of operation and equipment, such as electricity, fire prevention, etc.

the third level: the team leader shall educate the construction personnel according to the post safety requirements of the construction personnel.

● necessary training shall be conducted for the construction personnel who temporarily change their posts before they enter the new posts, and they can work only after passing the training.

regular meeting system of safety work

● the project department shall hold a regular project safety meeting at the end of each month

——the main contents of the regular safety meeting are: summarize the safety work of this month, discuss the safety problems of this month, and put forward solutions and requirements; arrange the key points of safety work in next month; listen to the leader's instructions on safety work and convey the superior's documents on safety work.

——participants of project safety regular meeting are: all members of project health, safety and environment management group; heads of engineering teams and departments; full time and part-time hse supervisors and other personnel required to attend the meeting.

——the full-time hse supervisor of the project shall sort out the records and send the meeting minutes to relevant personnel on the next day.

● the engineering team and team shall hold a safety meeting once a week to carry out safety education for the employees according to the different time conditions of the team and team.

● the team shall put forward requirements for safety work according to the work content of the day and the risk reduction guarantee issued.

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