84,measures for civilized construction of doer equipment -凯时登录

 84,measures for civilized construction of doer equipment -凯时登录

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84,measures for civilized construction of doer equipment - doer equipment

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measures for civilized construction of doer equipment

the management of civilized construction reflects the comprehensive management level of doer equipment enterprise. the clean and civilized construction site and orderly plane layout will give people a new feeling. therefore, we will take civilized construction as a breakthrough, and comprehensively grasp the construction site management.

1. civilized construction management organization and operation procedure

establish a leading group for civilized construction on site

team leader: project manager

deputy group leader: construction manager, project chief engineer and hse supervisor

team member: construction team leader of each specialty

2. civilized construction management standard

★ the construction organization design shall be conscientiously implemented, the temporary construction management and general layout control shall be well done, and the water and electricity management of roads and construction shall be strengthened to ensure the safety, standardization, tidiness and sanitation of the construction site environment.

★ strengthen the command and control of the project department, organize the construction in strict accordance with the construction organization design and construction technical scheme, implement the construction procedure and network plan, and do a good job in the cross and connection of processes and the coordination of labor, machines, materials and other production factors.

★ all regulations in the company's safety and environment manual and procedure document of safety and environment system shall be implemented.

★ the equipment and materials must be placed according to the regulations when entering the site, so that the upper cover and the lower cushion and the label are accurate. special materials and equipment shall be protected from damage, moisture and corrosion, and materials of special materials shall be clearly marked.

★ large machines and tools, transport vehicles, etc. shall be stored in designated places, small machines and tools, "four steel cylinders", etc. shall be properly kept and placed in order, construction surplus and waste materials shall be classified and stored in an orderly manner, industrial waste shall be cleaned up in time, and the construction site shall be kept clean after construction.

★ the site safety and fire-fighting facilities are complete and the safety signs are eye-catching. the construction personnel shall conscientiously implement various safety management systems and fire prevention regulations to ensure the construction safety.

★ after the completion of the project, all kinds of temporary facilities on the construction site should be removed and removed in time, and the site should be cleaned up to achieve the completion of the project with high standards.

★ we should conscientiously fulfill our contractual obligations and develop the construction period, quality and service simultaneously. under the unified leadership of the construction unit, organize forces to actively do a good job in the tracking and operation of the test run and the aftercare service, so as to escort the safe, stable, long-term, full and excellent operation of the device.

3. civilized construction measures

on site capacity management measures

the gate and gate post of the construction site are square with a height of 2.5m. the gate is welded with 50 steel pipe and 0.5 thick iron sheet.

set up "one drawing and six plates" in the prominent position of the entrance to the site, including the site construction general layout, general layout management, safety production, civilized construction, environmental protection, quality control, material management and other rules and regulations, as well as the name and project overview of the main construction units.

establish the responsibility system of civilized construction, divide the area, define the person in charge of management, implement the listing system, and make the site clean and tidy.

construction of drainage pipeline and sedimentation area to prevent sewage overflow.

set up propaganda slogans and blackboard newspapers according to the situation of the construction site, and change the contents appropriately, which really plays the role of inspiring morale and praising the advanced.

the measures of on-site life hygiene management

the office, warehouse and staff (including migrant workers) dormitory on the construction site shall be kept clean and sanitary, and the sanitary area shall be cleaned regularly.

the canteen and temporary food selling place on the construction site shall be clean and tidy, and the raw and cooked food shall be isolated, and the fly and dust prevention facilities shall be provided.

temporary toilets are set up on the construction site. the floor and wall of the toilets are made of floor tiles, which are cleaned regularly by a specially assigned person.

● family members and children of employees are strictly prohibited to walk and play on the construction site.

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