85,doer noise control measures for field production equipment -凯时登录

 85,doer noise control measures for field production equipment -凯时登录

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85,doer noise control measures for field production equipment - doer equipment

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noise control measures for on site production equipment of doer company

as a general contractor of construction enterprises, we must fully consider the impact of construction on the environment, and through the implementation of iso14000 standards, build green buildings, pursue the continuous improvement of community, human settlements and construction environment, and make a model for the construction environment management of construction enterprises.

1.objectives of environmental management

the noise emission meets the standard: 65db in the daytime and 55db at night

air pollution up to standard: dust emission of construction site and domestic boiler dust meet the requirements (dust emission meets the national secondary emission regulations, dust emission concentration < 400mg / nm) ³。)

domestic and production sewage up to standard: the sewage discharge conforms to the discharge standard of urban water pollutants.

prevention of light pollution: night lighting does not affect the surrounding communities.

the construction waste shall be classified and recycled as far as possible.

save water, electricity, paper and other resources consumption, save resources and protect the environment.

2. environmental management measures

air pollution prevention measures at construction site:

dust prevention measures at construction site

the construction waste shall be transported by closed special garbage channel or container, and it is strictly forbidden to scatter in the air at will to cause dust. the construction waste shall be cleared and transported in time. before clearing and transportation, appropriate amount of water shall be sprayed to reduce dust.

the construction road planning and setting should be done before the construction, and the permanent construction road in the design should be used as far as possible. the road surface and other ground should be hardened. the idle space should be afforested.

cement and other fine granular materials that are easy to fly should be stored in the warehouse as far as possible. when storing in the open air, it should be covered tightly. when transporting and unloading, it should be prevented from spilling and flying, so as to reduce the dust.

the construction site shall formulate the system of sprinkling water to reduce dust, equip special sprinkling equipment and assign special person to take charge of it. in the season prone to dust, the construction site shall adopt sprinkling water to reduce dust.

dust reduction measures of mixing plant

the concrete and mortar shall be mixed in a centralized way on site. a closed mixing shed shall be set up for the mixing of mortar and concrete. the construction can only be carried out after the sprinkler device is set on the mixer.

the tea stove adopts electric water heater. lpg is used in canteen.

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