86,measures to prevent water pollution in gasifier construction site -凯时登录

 86,measures to prevent water pollution in gasifier construction site -凯时登录

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86,measures to prevent water pollution in gasifier construction site - doer equipment

classification:industry publishtime:2019-10-25 14:17:02

water pollution prevention measures of gasifier construction site

● a sedimentation tank is set at the mixer front desk and the cleaning place of transport vehicles at the gasifier construction site. the discharged wastewater should be discharged into the sedimentation tank, and can be discharged into the municipal sewage pipeline or recycled for watering and dust reduction after secondary sedimentation. it is strictly forbidden to discharge the slurry directly into the urban drainage facilities.

● discharge control of canteen sewage. the temporary canteen on the construction site shall be equipped with a simple and effective oil separator, and the sewage generated shall be discharged through the sewer through the oil separator. management should be strengthened at ordinary times and oil should be taken out regularly to prevent pollution.

● leakage control of paint depot. a special paint oil depot shall be set up at the construction site. it is strictly forbidden to place other materials in the depot. the floor and wall of the depot shall be treated with special anti leakage treatment. special personnel shall be responsible for the storage, use and custody to prevent the oil from running, emitting, dripping, leaking and polluting the water body.

● it is forbidden to use toxic and hazardous wastes as earthwork backfill to avoid polluting groundwater and environment.

● various measures to prevent noise pollution at construction site

● control measures of artificial noise. civilized construction should be advocated at the construction site, and the management system for man-made noise control should be established and improved, so as to minimize man-made noise and enhance the consciousness of all construction personnel to prevent noise nuisance.

● strengthen the control measures of noise operation time. noise reduction measures shall be taken as far as possible. during night construction, the work of the surrounding people shall be done well in advance, and the work shall be reported to the district environmental protection unit where the construction site is located for the record before construction.

strengthen the noise reduction measures of machinery

the processing and production of finished products with strong noise should be completed in factories and workshops as far as possible to reduce the noise caused by the processing and production at the construction site.

try to choose the construction machinery with low noise or equipped with noise reduction equipment. the strong noise machinery (such as mixer, electric saw, electric planer, grinding wheel machine, etc.) on the construction site shall be equipped with closed machinery shed to reduce the diffusion of strong noise.

● strengthen the noise control of the construction site

strengthen the long-term monitoring of the environmental noise at the construction site, adopt the principle of special monitoring and management, and timely adjust the relevant factors of the excessive noise at the construction site, so as to achieve the purpose that the construction noise does not affect the surrounding work.

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