91, introduction to the tank -凯时登录

 91, introduction to the tank -凯时登录

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91, introduction to the tank - doer equipment

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introduction to the storage tank

 ◇ the connecting pipe in the tank is mainly low-temperature pipe, and the sleeve is set at the connection between the low-temperature pipe and the vault to reduce the influence of the cold bridge on the vault.

 ◇ the precooling pipeline is equipped with a certain number of nozzles under the center of the ceiling to ensure the uniformity of precooling on the top of the tank. the replacement pipeline extends from the top of the tank to the bottom of the inner tank, and the replacement gas inlet is distributed on the bottom plate to avoid the blind zone and dead zone. at the same time, nitrogen replacement outlets are set at the vault and interlayer respectively to coordinate with step-by-step regional replacement to fully and effectively replace the whole storage tank.

 ◇ the outlet pipeline of nitrogen replacement in the interlayer is provided with a full circle ring pipe at the bottom of the annular interlayer, and a sufficient number of air vents are set on the ring pipe. the air vents are isolated by multi-layer glass fiber cloth, which can ensure the effective passage of air flow and prevent perlite from floating out with the air flow.

 ◇ the pearlite filling port is set on the top of the outer tank.

 ◇ the top of the storage tank is equipped with a spray water device, and the spray water volume of the storage tank is the sum of the required spray water volume of the tank top and the tank wall.

 ◇ the electrostatic grounding interface is designed for the storage tank.

 ◇ high efficiency and high quality paint shall be used for carbon steel components attached to the equipment.

 ◇ the logo trademark of storage tank shall be made according to the requirements of the bid inviting party (if necessary).

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