94,overview of lng tank system technology -凯时登录

 94,overview of lng tank system technology -凯时登录

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94,overview of lng tank system technology - doer equipment

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overview of lng storage tank system process

liquefied natural gas from lng liquefaction unit and lng unloading platform is sent to lng full capacity tank for storage through low temperature cold insulation pipe. liquefied natural gas (lng) is output by lng submersible pump, the flash gas (bog) generated by lng storage tank is recovered by bog system, and the gas after safety valve is sent to flare or released by eag system.

liquid inlet, purging and precooling system

◆liquid inlet system: the liquefied natural gas from lng liquefaction unit or unloading platform is sent to 20000m through low temperature process pipeline ³ lng storage tank can be stored through top liquid inlet pipeline or bottom liquid inlet pipeline (two sets). both top liquid inlet pipeline and bottom liquid inlet pipeline need to be equipped with remote control emergency shut-off valve (two sets).

◆purging system: the normal temperature and low pressure nitrogen from the process unit area enters the main vessel through the purging ring pipeline set in the main vessel, enters the bottom insulation layer of the storage tank through the nitrogen purging pipeline of the bottom insulation layer, and enters the pump well of the submerged pump through the submerged pump purging pipeline, so as to ensure the air replacement at all corners of the storage tank and the drying of the internal insulation materials, in addition, a nitrogen purge and exhaust pipeline is set at the top of the secondary vessel, two purge and exhaust pipes are set at the bottom insulation layer, and an annular exhaust pipe is set in the interlayer space to discharge the replacement air during purging.

◆ precooling: the tank is installed under the suspended roof, three symmetrical precooling pipelines with nozzles are evenly distributed, and the root valve of the pipeline is set to ensure the cut-off during precooling. liquid nitrogen medium is used for tank precooling, and the access point of liquid nitrogen precooling tank car is located at the liquid inlet main pipe at the lower part of the tower ladder.

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