100,scheme of tank fire safety system (2) -凯时登录

 100,scheme of tank fire safety system (2) -凯时登录

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100,scheme of tank fire safety system (2) - doer equipment

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scheme of tank fire safety system (2)

spray cooling device:

the tank is equipped with a set of spray cooling fire fighting device, which is composed of pipeline, sprinkler and water supply riser. the system is set at the tank top, tank wall, stairs, safety passage and important process instrument equipment, and the setting of the system conforms to the relevant domestic specifications.

20 # seamless double-sided galvanized steel pipes are used for tank fire sprinkler pipes, and the device adopts the overall anti-corrosion method. the device is prefabricated and welded first, and then the overall pickling and hot-dip internal and external galvanized anti-corrosion treatment are carried out, so as to achieve the whole product anti-corrosion without blind area.

the arrangement spacing of the spray head meets the requirement that the fan-shaped water curtain ejected by the spray head intersects the tank wall to prevent blind area;

decompression facilities are set at the main pipe entrance of the sprinkler to control the inlet pressure. the outlet pressure, outlet coefficient and piping of the sprinkler meet the requirements that the actual water spraying volume after installation shall not exceed 5% of the calculated water volume; the water spraying intensity shall be no less than 4l / min. m2for the top of the tank and no less than 2.5l/min.m2 for the wall of the tank.

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