101,on tank fire (detection) alarm system (1) -凯时登录

 101,on tank fire (detection) alarm system (1) -凯时登录

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101,on tank fire (detection) alarm system (1) - doer equipment

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about tank fire (detection) alarm system

for the tank fire detection and alarm system, according to the code for construction and acceptance of automatic fire alarm system (gb 50166-92), relevant product instructions and system diagrams and site conditions, the connection between the dry powder fire extinguishing system equipment and the alarm system should be correctly connected.

alarm control settings:

one flameproof three wavelength infrared flame detector with 4-20ma output and standby switch signal is set around the vent pipe;

vent pipe: 1 platinum thermistor, explosion proof instrument control terminal box at tank bottom, module, switch signal output (120h, 65l signal dual output);

three flame-proof combustible gas detectors are set at the positions where the emptying pipeline on the top of the tank is easy to leak; 4-20ma output, standby switch signal;

the tank top is equipped with two platinum thermistors (platinum thermistors are symmetrically arranged), the explosion-proof instrument control terminal box at the bottom of the tank is equipped with modules, and the switch signal output (65l signal dual output).

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