102,about tank fire (detection) alarm system (2) -凯时登录

 102,about tank fire (detection) alarm system (2) -凯时登录

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102,about tank fire (detection) alarm system (2) - doer equipment

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about tank fire (detection) alarm system (2)

lifting device of in tank pump

(electric hoist)

the in tank pump lifting device adopts explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist, which is used to take the pump out of lng storage tank for maintenance.

the drum of the electric hoist is designed according to the specifications of the wire rope provided by the submerged pump manufacturer. the hook is made of high-quality carbon steel and heat treated. the hook is equipped with safety device to prevent the wire rope from falling off and free rotation facilities. when the length of the lifting wire rope is at the maximum lifting height, there shall be no less than 2 circles of safety ring and 3 circles of fixed ring on the drum. the design and manufacture of the crane conform to the technical conditions of j / t21603 electric single beam suspension crane and jb / t1306 (electric single beam crane). the safety of the crane conforms to gb6067 crane safety regulations, gb3811 crane design specifications and jb2100 cd, md1 electric hoist technical conditions. the crane and electric hoist are operated on the top of the tank, and the button operation should be flexible and reliable.

monitoring facilities: a set of explosion-proof integrated camera is set on the top of lng tank, with far-infrared night vision function, which is used to monitor the tank top fire and other dangerous situations, so that the production personnel can more intuitively understand the operation status of process units. the design, installation and fixation of the camera shall be determined through negotiation with the buyer.

other safety devices:

combustible gas leakage detection: combustible gas leakage detector is set on the top platform of the storage tank, and the output signal is 4 ~ 20ma.

lightning protection grounding: the storage tank is connected to the lightning protection grounding grid of the whole station.

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