105,preparation before construction of large atmospheric storage tank (1) -凯时登录

 105,preparation before construction of large atmospheric storage tank (1) -凯时登录

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105,preparation before construction of large atmospheric storage tank (1) - doer equipment

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preparation before construction of large atmospheric storage tank

for large atmospheric storage tank site construction project, the preparation before construction is essential. it is conducive to the development and smooth implementation of the project. suzhou doer  gas chemical equipment co., ltd. has its own unique construction management experience. the following is my summary of the preparatory work before the implementation of the project.

1. conditions before construction

according to the equipment drawings, specifications and project implementation plan, prepare the construction plan, material plan, machine plan, and make preparation before construction.

organize the construction workers to be familiar with the drawings, carry out detailed technical disclosure, and understand the construction methods and technical requirements.

the water, electricity, gas and communication on the construction site are complete, which can meet the construction conditions.

n the construction site and roads are complete, which can ensure the construction needs.

the equipment and materials in place can meet the requirements of continuous construction and construction period.

the design drawings for construction are complete, and the design depth meets the construction requirements.

n the civil construction of the tank foundation has been completed, the strength and dimensions meet the design and specification requirements, and can meet the installation requirements.

n construction drawings, installation specifications, standards and other data are complete, and the construction scheme has been prepared.

n all kinds of construction machines, tools and materials are ready and ready for use.

n special types of work must hold valid certificates, welding procedure qualification has been approved, and welding procedure specification has been prepared to guide the operation of welders.

n set up a secondary warehouse in the management site of welding materials, which is in the charge of a special person, establish a standing book, and dry the welding materials no more than three times. stainless steel welding materials are distributed in limited quantity and tracked in the whole process to eliminate misuse and mixed use.

according to the construction method, prepare the construction equipment, tooling, fixtures, etc. and allocate the construction personnel.

n all materials have been accepted, and there are qualified and corresponding material certification documents.

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