112,how to assemble the tank bottom-凯时登录

 112,how to assemble the tank bottom-凯时登录

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112,how to assemble the tank bottom

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how to assemble the tank bottom

during the assembly process, temporary reinforcement measures shall be taken to prevent the instability and damage of the storage tank caused by strong wind and other natural conditions. before the assembly of the storage tank, the sediment, rust, water and oil stain on the groove and lap joint of the object shall be cleaned. when the lifting fixture is removed, the base metal shall not be damaged, and the welding scar on the surface of the steel plate shall be polished smooth, if there is any damage, it should be repaired according to the specification (it should not be lower than the base metal after repair).

tank bottom assembly:

1. according to the installation sequence of the tank, before the installation of the bottom plate, the lower surface of the tank shall be protected against corrosion (the space within the overlapping range of 50 mm shall not be brushed).

2. before the laying of the bottom plate, the vertical and horizontal cross center line shall be drawn on the surface on the basis of the acceptance. when the deviation of the center line marked by the civil engineering is large (but within the allowable range), it shall be adjusted to the minimum.

3. the bottom plate shall be laid from the center of the tank bottom to the periphery according to the layout. first of all, lay a piece in the central position, its position should be accurate, there should be no vertical and horizontal axis rotation error, the horizontal error of the central axis should not be greater than 2mm, after the central bottom plate is paved, reverse the cross center line on the foundation surface to the bottom plate surface, find out the center, and make an obvious mark.

4. the base plate shall be fixed by positioning welding and fixture. during positioning welding, the welding material shall be the same as the formal welding, and the arc striking and arc extinguishing shall be in the groove or on the weld bead. the length of each welding section should not be less than 50 mm.

5. for the bottom plate of arched edge plate, the middle plate should be lapped above the arched edge plate. when laying the slab, the lap width required by the design shall be 40mm, and the allowable deviation shall be ± 5mm. the maximum gap between the two plates at the lap joint shall not be greater than 1mm. at the overlap of the three-layer bottom plates, the corner width of the upper bottom plate shall be 2 times of the lap length, and its width shall be 2 / 3 times of the lap length. in the process of laying the slab, the short seam at the plate end shall be spot welded first.

6. the "tortoise shell joint" between the middle panel and the side panel shall be welded after the installation of the bottom panel.

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