113、about tank wall assembly -凯时登录

 113、about tank wall assembly -凯时登录

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113、about tank wall assembly - doer equipment

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about tank wall assembly

about tank wall assembly:

mark the bottom ring on the tank bottom plate and the installation ring on the tank wall, and install the channel steel (10 #) along the circumference radius. the length of the channel steel is 150 mm and the spacing is 1000 mm. the positioning angle iron is installed based on the circumference.

the allowable deviation of plumb perpendicularity of wallboard shall not be greater than 3mm.

after assembly and welding, the allowable deviation of the radius of any point on the inner surface is ± 19mm at 1m height of the top ring tank wall.

when assembling the panel, the inner surface shall be flush, and the misalignment shall meet the following requirements:

the misalignment of longitudinal weld shall not be greater than 1 mm, and that of circumferential longitudinal weld shall not be greater than 1.2 mm.

after assembly and welding, the weld angle shall be checked with 1m arc template, and the angular deformation shall be ≤ 10mm, and the local concave convex deformation of tank wall shall be ≤ 13mm.

when the inner tank is assembled, the maximum non perpendicularity of the top of the inner cylinder relative to the bottom shall not exceed 50 mm.

when the outer tank is assembled, the non perpendicularity of the tank top relative to the shell bottom shall be less than 50 mm. the vertical deviation of each ring plate shall not exceed 7mm. the difference between the maximum diameter and the minimum diameter is less than 25 mm.

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