114、tank roof assembly -凯时登录

 114、tank roof assembly -凯时登录

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114、tank roof assembly - doer equipment

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about tank roof assembly

the top plate of the storage tank is made on the mould, and the verticality of the mould column and the rigidity of the mould shall meet the design requirements (the mould is composed of column, inclined support, horizontal pull rod, top ring and base plate, etc.).

in the production of the top plate, the stiffener should be installed first, and the radian of the stiffener should be checked with the arc template, and the gap should be less than 2 mm. after the installation, the height difference of any two stiffeners at the same latitude should be less than 4 mm by the rubber tube liquid level gauge, or the jack should be used to correct

before the installation of the top plate, the radian of the top plate shall be inspected with an arc template ruler with chord length of 1.5m, and the gap between the top plate and the arc template ruler shall be less than 2mm, otherwise it shall be calibrated

the top plate is assembled symmetrically according to the layout drawing, and the overlap width deviation of the top plate is ± 5mm. the two connected top plates are fixed by spot welding after laying, and the formal welding process is adopted for spot welding

the top plate of the inner tank shall be cleaned with degreasing solution before installation, and then the inspection shall be carried out with a white cloth. it is qualified if there is no oil stain, so as to facilitate the overall cleaning of the tank in the future

the installation of the vault should be carried out after the installation of the top ring wall plate and the angle iron.

the quality standard of tank top assembly is shown in the table


before the construction of foam glass bricks, the embedded pipes should be pre fixed and checked correctly according to the plan.

the glass bricks are arranged in a crisscross way, and the joints between the upper and lower layers must be arranged at 35-45 degrees.

the bottom layer shall be paved with 50 mm concrete for leveling in advance, and the first layer of glass brick can be paved only after the concrete leveling layer meets the strength requirements. if there are irregularities, fine dry sand can be paved for leveling, and the thinner the better. grain size of dry sand ≤ φ 2mm

each layer shall be sprinkled with thin sand, but the joints of glass bricks shall not be filled. all sand particles shall be pure, dry and oil-free.

the incision and opening of foam glass brick are sawed off by saws, and the interlayer is fixed by inserting steel wires.

the upper surface of the glass brick is paved with two layers of plastic film paper as the waterproof layer, and then a 50mm thick concrete plate is poured on the surface of the plastic film paper as the uniform pressing plate.

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