115、on tank lifting -凯时登录

 115、on tank lifting -凯时登录

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115、on tank lifting - doer equipment

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about the tank lifting

the tank assembly adopts the group lifting inverted method.

because there is no detailed construction drawing, the total weight of the outer tank is 136.974. after removing the weight of the bottom plate and the lowest layer with plate, 16 masts are preliminarily considered for the installation of the outer tank, which are evenly distributed along the circumference of the tank wall. a 10t electric chain block is installed at each mast, and its stress analysis is as follows.

load analysis:

weight of outer tank wall plate (excluding the lowest wall plate): q1 = 83575kg

roof weight of outer tank: q2 = 23575kg

weight of ladder and railing: q3 = 800kg

expansion ring, arc plate and other materials: q4 = 1600kg

∑q=q1 q2 q3 q4= 109550 kg

nonuniformity coefficient = 1.1

the stress of single chain block is (∑ q) × 1.1)/16=7531kg

in use, the actual load of single chain breaker should be 75.3% of the rated load, so it is safe and reliable.

the lifting of the tank body shall be under the unified command of a specially assigned person, and the chain block shall be lifted at the same time according to the command, and the pulling amount and lifting amount shall be the same each time, so as to ensure the translation of the lifting guide chain of the tank body. after confirming that there is no potential safety hazard, the second belt plate can be assembled (during the lifting process, the ruler shall be set at multiple points to observe whether the tank body is lifted horizontally).

in order to facilitate the assembly of circumferential seam, ensure the quality and improve the work efficiency, a positioning plate should be welded every 500mm inside the tank.

in order to ensure the butt joint quality of circumferential weld, a locating plate is placed every 2m on the upper and lower butt welded circumferential weld before assembly, and the plate is leveled by wedge. after the circumferential weld is assembled according to the requirements, the spot welding is fixed. the spot welding length is 40-60mm and the interval is 500mm. finally, the circumferential weld is welded.

assemble other strip plates in the same way until the last strip plate.

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