118、2000m ³ pre cooling scheme of lng atmospheric tank (2) -凯时登录

 118、2000m ³ pre cooling scheme of lng atmospheric tank (2) -凯时登录

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118、2000m ³ pre cooling scheme of lng atmospheric tank (2) - doer equipment

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2000m ³ pre cooling scheme of lng atmospheric tank (2)

preparation before precooling

1. the whole atmospheric storage tank system is installed, inspected and tested according to the drawings, relevant technical documents and specifications;

2. be familiar with the process and operation of atmospheric tank system before precooling;

3. purging and drying before precooling

3.1 purging procedure

3.1.1 the inner tank, pipeline and interlayer shall be cleaned for the atmospheric tank. according to the process flow of the tank system, the specific purging scheme is formulated;

3.1.3 as the residual liquid left by the hydraulic test shall be taken away during the purging, the nitrogen shall be in the upper part and out the lower part during the purging;

3.1.4 purge nitrogen shall pass through all pipelines. during the purge process, all pipelines shall be discharged in a rotating and open way, especially the upper and lower liquid inlet pipelines, liquid discharge pipelines, upper and lower pipelines of liquid level meter and all instrument pipelines;

3.1.5 purging qualification conditions of inner tank and pipeline: the target test is qualified, and the dew point detection should reach - 50 degrees. the dew point test should reach - 40 degree.

4. inspection before precooling

4.1 check the local and remote instruments of atmospheric tank system, which should be put into operation and in good condition;

4.2 check each control valve and breathing valve to ensure they are in good condition;

4.3 check that all hand valves are flexible and easy to use;

4.4 all safety valves and root valves under pressure gauges shall be opened;

4.5 confirm that the vent valve is opened to ensure that the vent pipeline is unblocked;

4.6 the automatic control system has been connected to the central control room, tested well and put into operation.

5. the interlayer should be filled with dry nitrogen to prevent moist air from entering and affect the insulation effect of the insulation material.

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