120、what is liquid oxygen tank-凯时登录

 120、what is liquid oxygen tank-凯时登录

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120、what is liquid oxygen tank- doer equipment

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what is liquid oxygen tank?

liquid oxygen tank is a storage pressure vessel for liquid oxygen, commonly known as liquid oxygen tank. liquid oxygen storage tank mainly used for storing liquid oxygen.

professional supply of liquid oxygen tank, complete specifications, according to different needs to choose the specifications of liquid oxygen tank, we always regard the quality of liquid oxygen tank as life, always to our company's liquid oxygen tank to achieve quality priority, rapid distribution, reasonable price of a production and marketing system. the company provides the design, development, production and sales of liquid oxygen tank, equipment and system, and can design and manufacture all kinds of special low-temperature equipment and systems according to the requirements of customers. the inner liner is made of stainless steel, and the outer liner is made of q345r. the surface anti-corrosion coating adopts sand blasting, purging, spraying and other processes, and adopts two-component fast curing liquid coating.

the storage of liquid oxygen must be insulated, so the tank has inner tank, insulating layer (or vacuum layer) and outer shell. although there is an insulating layer, the liquid oxygen temperature can not be maintained.

the material of liquid oxygen tank is thinner than that of oxygen cylinder, so there must be vent pipe and valve. after venting, oxygen takes away heat to achieve the purpose of heat preservation.

it's like boiling water at 100 degrees. but sometimes the heat of liquid oxygen is too little and the pressure in the tank is too low, so there must be a heating circuit and a booster valve. the heating circuit works by liquid oxygen convection, without a pump, as long as the external heat is introduced, and the boiling point of liquid oxygen is - 183 ℃.

in this way, the liquid oxygen tank is complicated, and there must be a protective frame, pressure gauge, etc. the safety valve of the liquid oxygen tank can be closed automatically, but the booster valve cannot be closed automatically, which can be used to regulate the pressure.

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