124,production process of storage tank (2) -凯时登录

 124,production process of storage tank (2) -凯时登录

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124,production process of storage tank (2) - doer equipment

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production process of storage tank (2)

cylinder section of storage tank in production process flow:

1) wide plate and long plate shall be selected as far as possible for the outer cylinder to reduce the weld length.

2) the diagonal tolerance of cylinder plate must be confirmed before cutting. when the deviation is too large, the plate edge should be cut twice.

3) cylinder plate blanking, cutting, edge planing (groove), groove processing (6 mm blunt edge, 30 degree groove). the inner groove is selected for the longitudinal seam of cylinder.

4) cylinder plate connection plate assembly, manual spot welding, submerged arc welding on groove surface, carbon arc air gouging on the back and grinding wheel to produce metallic luster, submerged arc welding on the back.

5) before the drum, the tooling at both ends of the cylinder shall be headed, and the size shall be confirmed according to the sample.

6) reel body of rolling machine. 4-claw lifting rope must be used for plate hoisting. when the cylinder is rolled to more than half, it shall be supported by lifting rope to prevent the diameter of the cylinder from changing or collapsing.

7) the forming dimension must be confirmed by template when rolling.

8) after the cylinder is rolled up to be qualified, the manual welding shall be conducted.

9) install the longitudinal seam support fixture of the outer cylinder, and the installation position of the support fixture shall ensure that it can be welded.

10) the longitudinal seam of cylinder section is welded by submerged arc welding. the back side is air gouged by carbon arc and polished by grinding wheel to produce metallic luster. the back side is submerged arc welded.

11) both ends of the cylinder are equipped with the outer cylinder circumferential welding support mould, and the lead screw is used to adjust the cylinder roundness to achieve the best. remove the longitudinal weld support fixture.

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