125,production process of storage tank (3) -凯时登录

 125,production process of storage tank (3) -凯时登录

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125,production process of storage tank (3) - doer equipment

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production process of storage tank (3)

the components of the tank are as follows: 1

1) first group 3 cylinder sections to ensure that the long arm submerged arc welding machine can weld.

2) use the cylinder assembly tooling to assemble the cylinder section, and the outer side is fixed by manual welding.

3) the inner side is submerged arc welded, the outer side is carbon arc gouged and polished with grinding wheel, and the outer side is submerged arc welded.

4) after welding, 3 to 4 circumferential weld support fixtures can be removed, but both ends of the circumferential weld support fixture must be retained.

5) in the future, each group can weld one section of cylinder or two sections of cylinder, provided that long arm submerged arc welding can be carried out.

6) by analogy, the final cylinder body is said to maintain 6 circumferential welding support fixture.

7) the surface of all welds shall be ground, and 20% of the welds shall be qualified for grade iii radiographic inspection.

8) after the flaw detection is qualified, the reinforcing ring is assembled, the mixed gas shielded welding is used to fix the spot, the mixed gas shielded welding is used to weld, the intermittent welding is used to weld 100, and the 80 is broken.

9) cylinder marking, nozzle opening, the opening position should avoid the weld, the distance should not be less than 100 mm, grinding groove with grinding wheel and grinding head, assembling explosion-proof device nozzle and perlite filling tooling, manual arc welding, manual welding, welding wire h10mn2. after welding, 100% coloring inspection shall be carried out on the weld.

10) after degreasing the surface of the inner cylinder, the transition pipe is sealed from the outside with a self-adhesive tape, and the two ends of the cylinder are sealed with plastic cloth to be assembled.

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