127、production process of storage tank (5) -凯时登录

 127、production process of storage tank (5) -凯时登录

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127、production process of storage tank (5) - doer equipment

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production process of storage tank (5)

about the inner cylinder pressure test and helium leak detection in the tank production process:

air pressure test of inner cylinder

1) weld the stainless steel pipe orifice, leave the liquid discharge pipe orifice to connect with the air pressure test tooling.

2) the liquid nitrogen is pumped into the vaporizer by a pipeline pump in a low-temperature storage tank to make the liquid nitrogen into a gaseous state. the pressure reaches 2.31mpa and the pressure is maintained for 30 minutes.

3) release the gas after the air pressure test is qualified.

helium leak detection of inner cylinder

1) cut off the air pressure test tooling, weld the vacuumizing tooling, connect the vacuum valve, first use the large flow pump to initially vacuumize the inner cylinder. after the vacuum degree reaches within 100pa, replace it with 70 rotary vane vacuum pump, pump the vacuum degree to about 1pa, close the vacuum valve, connect the helium leak detector, and start the helium leak detector to make the vacuum degree of the helium leak detector reach the required value, open the vacuum valve to detect the leakage of the inner cylinder.

2) all longitudinal girth welds of inner cylinder, welds between cylinder and transition joint, and butt welds of pipe shall be inspected by helium gas.

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