127,production process of storage tank (6) -凯时登录

 127,production process of storage tank (6) -凯时登录

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127,production process of storage tank (6) - doer equipment

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production process of storage tank (6)

the outer cylinder head of storage tank is divided into the following points:

1. provide outsourcing cylinder head processing drawings.

2. the blanking size of the head shall meet the requirements of the spinning head factory.

3. marking, blanking, cutting, groove processing (6 mm blunt edge, 35 degree groove) of head plate, manual spot welding on the back (welding rod 507).

4. submerged arc welding, welding wire h10mn2, flux 431. the back is protected by longitudinal flux pad, the back is cleaned by carbon arc air gouging and polished to metallic luster by angle grinding wheel, and the back is welded by submerged arc welding.

5. according to the requirements of the drawing, spin the seal, and process the groove as required. after spinning the head, conduct 100% radiographic inspection on the weld, and the grade iii is qualified.

6. the right head shall be marked and the connecting pipe shall be opened. the opening position shall be away from the weld and the distance shall not be less than 100 mm. the groove shall be polished with grinding wheel and grinding head.

7. assemble welding joint, transition seat and vacuum pipe.

8. the left and right heads are the final closing weld of the outer cylinder. the head and the liner plate are assembled, the argon arc welding is spot welding, the liner plate and the head side gas shielded welding is intermittent welding, the welding is 100 broken 80, the lining plate and the head groove are welded by argon arc welding.

9. the inner surface of the head shall be sandblasted one day before the assembly of the inner and outer cylinders, and the outer surface shall be coated with a layer of antirust paint after rust removal. painting is not allowed on the inside.

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