132、production process of storage tank (11) part i -凯时登录

 132、production process of storage tank (11) part i -凯时登录

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132、production process of storage tank (11) part i - doer equipment

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tank production process (11)

1. basic requirements for the production process of storage tank: vacuum workers should be familiar with the basic knowledge of vacuum and be able to operate the vacuum equipment correctly, master the correct connection method of vacuum pipeline and valve, master the method of measuring the vacuum degree of container with vacuum instrument, and be familiar with the general process requirements of vacuum leak detection.

2. before leak detection, the operator shall confirm that all the containers have been welded, and have passed the corresponding non-destructive testing and air pressure test and passed the test.

3. preparation: when vacuuming the vessel with vacuum unit or vacuum pump, the vacuum unit and pipeline shall be checked for leakage first, and the limit vacuum of the vacuum unit or vacuum pump shall be confirmed to reach 1pa, then the connecting valve with the vessel shall be opened. the vacuum pipeline shall be equipped with bypass diaphragm valve, which can be used for vacuum leak detection of helium mass spectrometry.

4. evacuation of inner cylinder: during evacuation, attention should be paid to slightly open the vacuum valve first, and then slowly open the vacuum valve after the exhaust sound of the vacuum pump becomes smaller, so as to prevent the vacuum pump from being stuckdoer to too large air flow. during evacuation, pay attention to observe that the cooling water must be normal, the water temperature should not be too high, should not exceed 60 ℃, and the water flow should not be too small. during evacuation, the front stage pump (slide valve pump) should be started to exhaust the atmosphere, and the roots pump should be started when the vacuum degree reaches 20-30pa.

5. helium mass spectrometry leak detection operation method: for vacuum vessel, vacuum leak detection should be carried out when it is evacuated to 1pa ~ 6pa. before leak detection, the leak detector should be calibrated with standard leak hole. during leak detection, it should be judged whether it is qualified (according to the technical requirements of the drawing) according to the size of the vessel and the corresponding leak rate. if the leak rate exceeds the requirements of the drawing, it is judged that the leakage of the tank exceeds the standard, at this time, the specific leakage position of the vessel should be determined, which can be combined with the pressure test process to determine the leakage position, and then the repair process should be formulated. the argon arc welding should be used to repair the leakage position. after the repair welding, the vacuum leak detector should be used to detect the leakage again, and the next process can be started only after it is confirmed to be qualified.

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