133,production process of storage tank (11) -凯时登录

 133,production process of storage tank (11) -凯时登录

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133,production process of storage tank (11) - doer equipment

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tank production process (11)

1. for the production process of storage tank, the filling of pearlite: the interlayer of storage tank should be vacuumized after the vacuum leak detection is qualified. for storage tanks of different sizes, the quantity of pearlite should be determined according to the requirements of the drawing. fresh pearlite should be used in the day when filling, and the sand with large proportion of moisture should not be used, pearlite can only be filled after it is treated by special drying equipment for pearlite and its moisture content is less than 0.3%. when filling, the rotary vane pump can be used as the sand loading pump for tanks below 30 cubic meters, and the water ring pump can be used as the sand loading pump for tanks above 30 cubic meters. after filling, the interlayer shall be impacted by air flow for 2 ~ 4 times by evacuation method, to ensure that the density of sand in the storage tank is uniform and free of voids.

2. interlayer evacuation: the same as inner cylinder evacuation

3. tank heating: if it is found that the vacuum degree increases little during evacuation, it should be considered whether the cleanliness of the interlayer is qualified and whether the water content of pearlite exceeds the standard. at this time, it should be considered to use nitrogen to heat the vacuum balance outer cylinder of the tank interlayer, and at the same time, it can heat the inner cylinder. when heating, it should be noted that the surface temperature of the outer cylinder should not exceed 230 ℃, and the gas temperature at the outlet of the inner cylinder should not exceed 80 ℃, the heating method can be electric heating or liquefied gas flame heating. attention should be paid to personal safety and equipment safety when heating, and long-term heating should be avoided as far as possible. the heating should start from the lower part of the container. it is required to heat the container evenly. the heating time is generally 20 ~ 60 minutes depending on the size of the container. after heating, the surface temperature of the container should be obviously increased by more than 10 degrees, after heating, the evacuation should be started quickly, and the effect is remarkable.

4. static examination: after the vacuum degree meets the requirements of the drawing, the observation can be stopped for 12 to 24 hours. according to the change of vacuum degree, the evacuation time is determined. when the vacuum degree of interlayer is more than 50 grids, it is qualified if the vacuum degree drops no more than 1 grid every day.

5. vacuum sealing: if the vacuum degree meets the requirements of the drawing, the air leakage rate can meet the requirements before vacuum sealing. and do a good job of daily vacuum record, daily vacuum record for more than two times.

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