134、 production process of storage tank (12) -凯时登录

 134、 production process of storage tank (12) -凯时登录

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134、 production process of storage tank (12) - doer equipment

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production process of storage tank (12)

process specification for pickling and passivation of stainless steel in tank production process

1. subject content and scope of application

this regulation specifies the requirements, methods and precautions for cleaning, deep cleaning, degreasing and degreasing of oil and rust stains on the surface of stainless steel containers (including parts).

this procedure is applicable to pickling and passivation treatment of chromium and nickel austenitic stainless steel vessels manufactured by our company.

2. pickling and passivation process

degreasing, cleaning, cleaning -- washing with purified water -- deep cleaning, degreasing, washing with purified water -- drying

3. preparation before deep cleaning

3.1 personnel and protection

3.1.1 operators shall be trained in safe operation before taking up their posts to correctly handle emergencies.

3.1.2 wear neatly before operation, and wear rubber gloves, rubber shoes, mask, hat and protective eye mask.

3.2 workpiece

3.2.1 according to the requirements of drawings and process documents, pickling and passivation pretreatment can be carried out only after the stainless steel containers or parts are inspected as qualified.

3.2.2 clean the welding seam and welding slag and spatter on both sides, and apply gasoline or cleaning agent to remove oil stains and other dirt on the surface of machined parts of the container.

3.2.3 when removing the foreign matters on both sides of the weld, the stainless steel wire brush, stainless steel shovel or grinding wheel shall be used to remove the foreign matters. after the removal, the clean water (the chloride ion content in the water shall not exceed 25mg / l) shall be used to wash the foreign matters.

3.2.4 when the oil pollution is serious, use 3-5% alkali solution to remove the oil pollution and wash it with clean water.

3.2.5 the oxide scale of stainless steel hot working parts can be removed by mechanical sand blasting, and the sand must be pure silicon or alumina.

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