143、characteristics of lng gasification station-凯时登录

 143、characteristics of lng gasification station-凯时登录

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143、characteristics of lng gasification station- doer equipment

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characteristics of lng gasification station?

the process characteristics of lng gasification station are "low temperature storage and normal temperature use". the minimum design temperature of the storage tank is - 196 ℃ (lng storage temperature is about - 162 ℃), and the temperature of the outgoing natural gas is required to be no less than 10 ℃ of the ambient temperature.

the cold insulation performance of low temperature storage tank, valve, pipeline and pipe fittings in lng gasification station is better.

the equipment, pipelines, instruments, valves and their accessories in the low temperature area of lng gasification station have good operation performance under low temperature conditions, and have good mechanical strength, sealing and corrosion resistance.

the gasification equipment is required to meet the design requirements and reach the maximum gasification flow under ordinary climate conditions.

low temperature storage tanks, gasifiers, pipelines and filters are all pressure vessels, so their management must be based on pressure vessels. if the position of the pressure vessel is welded, reconstructed, repaired or moved on the pressure vessel body, it must be reported to the supervision unit of the pressure vessel

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