146、overview of lng urban peak shaving station (part 2) -凯时登录

 146、overview of lng urban peak shaving station (part 2) -凯时登录

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146、overview of lng urban peak shaving station (part 2) - doer equipment

classification:industry publishtime:2020-06-15 16:06:30

overview of lng urban peak shaving station (part 2)

with the rapid development of natural gas market of lng city peak shaving stations in china, the problem of seasonal peak shaving of natural gas is becoming more and more prominent, and the role of underground gas storage in the peak shaving of natural gas supply chain is becoming more and more obvious. facing the problems of slow construction of underground gas storage and insufficient peak shaving capacity in china, under the background of falling international oil price, it is necessary to flexibly arrange various ways of joint peak shaving by stages and regions, it is beneficial to realize the maximization of benefits and guarantee the natural gas supply during the peak period of gas consumption.

suggestions on peak shaving and gas storage in china

1) under the condition of low oil price, lng spot peak shaving cost, in view of the lag of underground gas storage construction, we should make full use of the opportunity of the current international oil price decline to speed up the construction process of coastal lng terminal.

2) in view of the lack of favorable reservoir sites and peak shaving capacity in eastern china, the general survey and exploration of shallow water reservoir sites in bohai bay, songliao basin and southern china should be carried out, as well as the screening and evaluation of high permeability reservoir construction targets in eastern china.

3) for the gas fields that are being developed or will be put into development and have the conditions for rebuilding underground gas storage, we should do a good job of resource protection and preparation before the construction of the gas storage in advance, properly control the development speed of the gas field and protect the gas field resources. when the time is ripe, we should rebuild the gas storage into underground gas storage in time.

4) the construction of underground gas storage needs a certain period. under the situation of oversupply in the existing natural gas market and before the transportation capacity of the three major natural gas import channels is saturated, it is necessary to find favorable storage sites as soon as possible, speed up the construction of underground gas storage, balance the low valley period of natural gas consumption, and improve the emergency reserve and peak shaving capacity.

5) we should actively implement the seasonal price difference, peak valley price difference, interruptible gas price and other price policies of natural gas, introduce the peak shaving gas price mechanism, make full use of price leverage, strengthen demand side management, guide users to cut peak and fill valley, and control seasonal peak valley price difference.

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