149、what is liquid argon atmospheric tank-凯时登录

 149、what is liquid argon atmospheric tank-凯时登录

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149、what is liquid argon atmospheric tank- doer equipment

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what is liquid argon atmospheric tank?

liquid argon atmospheric tank is a bimetal flat bottom tank used to store liquid low temperature argon; it is usually bimetal structure, pearlite sand is used to fill the middle insulation layer to ensure that the liquid argon in the internal tank is in low temperature and the gas is not easy to evaporate.

configuration parameter

volume: 200-50000m ³

working pressure: 10kpa-50kpa

insulation mode: double wall powder stacking insulation.

basic type: ground set-up, high desktop.

storage media

liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon, liquid ethane, ethylene, etc;

safety unloading system

internal groove safety pipe:

the tank needs to be equipped with a complete safety system. besides manual exhaust valve and automatic exhaust valve for automatic control of the pressure inside the tank, two sets of breathing valves are also required to be set and switched through three-way valve when the tank pressure reaches 24kpa,

expiratory valve;

when the pressure in the internal reservoir drops to -0.5kpa, the breathing valve inhales. when working, two groups of respiratory valves must be opened to avoid equipment damage, personal injury and even death. inhalation can only be carried out in the last resort. under normal conditions, the maximum air pressure is too low as long as air is supplied through the self pressurization system.

the stainless steel corrugated compensator is used to compensate the temperature difference stress of all pipes from the top of the inner groove and arrange the bellows on the outer groove.

external groove safety pipe:

the top of the outer tank needs to be equipped with emergency pressure relief device (diameter dn250) and outer tank breathing valve (diameter of dn150), to ensure that the interlayer pressure is within a certain range and the equipment safety is ensured.

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