153、on tank venting system -凯时登录

 153、on tank venting system -凯时登录

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153、on tank venting system - doer equipment

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about tank venting system

inner tank vent pipeline:

when the pressure at the top of the inner tank reaches 20kpa, the automatic pressure regulating valve pcv1 opens and the gas is vented. when the pressure in the tank is lower than 15kpa, the automatic pressure regulating valve (pcv1) is closed;

if the pressure continues to rise to 24kpa, the breathing valve s1 (dn 150) will open (v3 is normally open) to quickly empty and relieve the pressure. when the tank pressure drops, the valve s1 will close when it is lower than 24kpa. at this time, the manual vent valve v4 (dn50) can also be used for high altitude local discharge;

the venting of storage tank is controlled automatically by pcv1.

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