154,on tank self pressurization system -凯时登录

 154,on tank self pressurization system -凯时登录

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154,on tank self pressurization system - doer equipment

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on the tank self pressurization system

the tank is equipped with self pressurization system. when the pressure in the tank decreases to 5kpa, the pressurization control valve pcv2 opens and the pressurization system pressurizes the tank. when the pressure reaches 10kpa, the control valve pcv2 closes;

in case of unexpected failure, when the pressure continues to drop to - 0.5kpa, the breathing valve will inhale, control the control valve in the pipeline system of the discharge pump to close, stop the pump and stop the discharge.

sandwich nitrogen seal

interlayer nitrogen filling pipeline: dry nitrogen enters the interlayer space of the storage tank after being regulated by the self regulating valve and maintains a positive pressure state (less than 0.8kpa), so as to avoid the entry of humid air and maintain the good thermal insulation performance of pearlite.

the nitrogen consumption of interlayer is less than 10m3 / h

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