161、product performance description of vacuum cryogenic tank -凯时登录

 161、product performance description of vacuum cryogenic tank -凯时登录

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161、product performance description of vacuum cryogenic tank - doer equipment

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product performance description of vacuum cryogenic tank

the vacuum cryogenic storage tank adopts top and bottom liquid feeding methods, which can be selected according to the actual situation.

the inner tank is equipped with a double safety system device composed of safety valve and bursting disc. under normal use, one set is in working state and the other set is in standby state. if the safety valve or bursting disc in working state jumps, immediately open the manual pressure relief valve to relieve pressure below the maximum working pressure of the storage tank, at the same time, the safety device is quickly switched to the standby system through the manual handle, so as to effectively ensure the safety of the tank. the combination valve is composed of safety valve, explosion-proof device, blow off valve and three-way valve, which not only reduces pipeline welding, but also has good fire-proof and anti-static structure. in addition, the safety explosion-proof membrane set on the shell fully ensures the safety and reliability of the whole equipment.

the low temperature pipeline adopts centralized leading out, which is convenient for operation and control, and the leading out adopts dura pipe structure, so as to meet the requirements of low temperature, reduce the stress caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction of pipeline, and ensure the safety of storage tank.

during normal operation, the cryogenic liquid storage tank will automatically adopt the self pressurization system to stabilize its own pressure, so as to effectively ensure the normal use of users.

the vacuum valve adopts three "o" rings to seal, which effectively ensures the reliability of sandwich seal. it is made of stainless steel and has small volume.

the unique process manhole design ensures the internal cleanliness when the inner container is closed.

the imported vacuum isolation valve and vacuum gauge are used on the cryogenic liquid storage tank to improve the measurement accuracy of the interlayer vacuum degree of the tank, prolong the service life of the tank and improve the quality of the tank.

the application of domestic high-quality paint on cryogenic liquid storage tank not only reduces the corrosion of atmosphere on the surface of storage tank, but also stabilizes the vacuum degree of interlayer, and improves the taste and quality of product itself.

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