162、technical advantages of doer air temperature gasifier -凯时登录

 162、technical advantages of doer air temperature gasifier -凯时登录

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162、technical advantages of doer air temperature gasifier - doer equipment

classification:industry publishtime:2020-10-22 08:28:06

technical advantages of air temperature gasifier of doer company

what are the technical advantages of doer air temperature gasifier? from the following:

1. shape of heat exchange tube

by digesting and absorbing the advanced design concepts and technologies of the developed countries in europe and america, doer company carried out the special and effective large fin design in 2010, and took the lead in producing the high-efficiency vaporizer with the diameter of 160 mm and 200 mm large spacing of the heat exchange aluminum fin tube in china, so as to greatly improve the heat exchange effect of the product and fill the domestic blank. this fin star tube has applied for the national patent.

2. material

doer company chooses 3a21 material for user's usage and requirement.

3. connecting elements

dur company adopts "bridge" connector which can effectively compensate the shrinkage stress and welding thermal stress during operation. the whole equipment can compensate freely and eliminate the stress, which will not affect the weld life. the bridge connector has applied for national patent.

4. shape and overall design

the carburetor of  doer company adopts vertical straight legs with frame and hard connection. the natural convection of ambient air is good, the surface frosting is easy to fall off automatically without accumulation, the defrosting time is short, the appearance is beautiful and durable.

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