163、test method of vacuum cryogenic tank -凯时登录

 163、test method of vacuum cryogenic tank -凯时登录

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163、test method of vacuum cryogenic tank - doer equipment

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test method of vacuum cryogenic tank

since there are many welds between the steel plates, in order to ensure the subsequent use quality of the tank, it is necessary to carry out weld flaw detection and some special treatment to ensure the stable operation of the tank.

for weld inspection: first 100% non-destructive testing (rt), then penetrant testing and air pressure (pure nitrogen) test, and finally helium mass spectrometry leak detector is used to detect the leakage of each weld and joint.

the containers in the storage tank are pickled as a whole, and the cleanliness is treated according to the oxygen standard. the imported ultraviolet black light lamp is used to detect, so as to ensure that there are no oil stains and other organic impurities.

the time interval between cleaning and drying inside the tank and assembling with the outer container is less than 3 hours. after assembling, the inner container and jacket are filled with nitrogen for protection to prevent dust and other organic impurities from entering and ensure the cleanliness of the inner container and jacket.

the inner and outer surface of the container outside the storage tank shall be sandblasted to meet the requirements of sa-2.5a standard. after the surface of the steel plate is metallic, the dust on the surface shall be completely removed by the vacuum cleaner, so as to ensure the stability of the vacuum degree in the interlayer.

the finished paint film on the outer surface of the tank is dense, firm and reliable, and the dry film thickness of the paint is greater than 250 μ m, which ensures that the paint will not fade for at least 3 years.

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