165、what is the future development trend of lng tanks-凯时登录

 165、what is the future development trend of lng tanks-凯时登录

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165、what is the future development trend of lng tanks- doer equipment

classification:industry publishtime:2020-11-18 09:26:37

what is the future development trend of lng tanks?

china is one of the world's largest natural gas countries and has abundant natural gas capital, but china has not yet made a big plan for lng system engineering practice. the development of natural gas liquefaction skills makes it possible for natural gas in the western region to move to the eastern and southern coastal areas at low cost, thus reducing the imbalance of china's natural gas capital distribution. at present, there is little research on lng technology in china, and there is no core lng technology or national standard for large lng tanks. there is still a big gap between china and developed countries. at present, there are no large atmospheric lng tanks designed and built by ourselves in china, and few of them are built by foreign countries. with the development of liquefied natural gas industry, china pays more and more attention to the research of liquefied natural gas tank.

throughout the development process of lng storage tank, it can be seen that large-scale storage tank is an inevitable trend, which has the following outstanding advantages: the larger the storage tank, the more steel and investment saving, compact planning and small floor area. in the case of the same total volume, several large equipments need much less floor space than a group of small equipments; it is easy to operate and manage. several large equipments are more convenient in inspection, repair and management than one small one. these advantages are the driving force of large-scale storage tank. large atmospheric lng tanks will become the development trend of lng tanks. the large-scale lng storage tank should be moderate, that is, the large-scale demand economic planning, which is conducive to the unified management of lng, and then make the use of lng more safe and reasonable. the normal pressure of lng storage tank can save more manpower and material resources in the process of building lng storage tank, and also reduce the risk in the process of lng use.

thus, it can be seen that it is of great practical significance to summarize and consider various factors and further strengthen the research on low-temperature lng storage tanks to promote the development of lng industry and deal with the deteriorating environmental problems and energy crisis. large atmospheric storage tanks are the general trend.

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