167、what are the characteristics of water bath vaporizer-凯时登录

 167、what are the characteristics of water bath vaporizer-凯时登录

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167、what are the characteristics of water bath vaporizer- doer equipment

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what are the characteristics of water bath vaporizer?

the features of water bath vaporizer are as follows:

1. the diameter of the outer cylinder is large;

2. the operation is quiet;

3. the optimal design of heat exchanger is as follows

① full contact heat transfer is adopted

② the distance between the heat exchange tube and the heat exchange tube in the subcooled section and the two-phase section is designed in sections, which has high heat exchange efficiency and avoids the possibility of freezing in the subcooled section

③ the distance between the whole heat exchange device and the cylinder is large to avoid frost cracking or deformation of the cylinder

4. optimal design of flow rate

5. professional pipeline internal inspection equipment

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