5,do you know about lng cryogenic tank-凯时登录

 5,do you know about lng cryogenic tank-凯时登录

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5,do you know about lng cryogenic tank- doer equipment

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do you know about lng cryogenic tank?

so far, the commonly used lng cryogenic storage tanks in china are atmospheric storage tank, pressure storage tank and vacuum powder storage tank.

1. vacuum powder storage tank: the process procedure of vacuum powder storage tank is relatively simple. generally, supercharger is used to pressurize the storage tank, and the material flows into the gasifier by pressure. no power equipment is used, and the energy consumption is low. therefore, the small lng gasification stations at home and abroad basically adopt the form of vacuum powder storage tank.

2. secondary and primary tanks: the storage scale of secondary and primary tanks is 1000m ³ to 5000m ³ considering the transportation standard of inner tank, the maximum size of a single sub tank in china can be 250m ³, the gasification process of the mother and son tank is similar to that of the vacuum powder tank. considering that the interlayer needs helium gas, a set of liquid nitrogen device is added to the device.

3. atmospheric storage tank: the actual operating pressure of lng cryogenic atmospheric storage tank is 15kpa, the working temperature is - 162 ℃, and it is flat bottomed double wall cylindrical. the tank body is composed of inner and outer double layers, and the double layers are insulation material structure type, which is cold insulation layer. the inner tank is used to store lng, while the outer shell is used for protection and cold insulation. in order to reduce the heat transfer from the outside to the tank, the inner and outer tanks are separated and separated. the tank is a self-supporting vault. the inner tank must have sufficient strength and stability to withstand the external pressure caused by the cold insulation material and the internal pressure caused by the internal gas.

the storage tank adopts pearlite as cold insulation material, and is filled with dry nitrogen to ensure the micro positive pressure of interlayer, and the insulation material is separated from the atmosphere, so as to prevent the influence of atmospheric pressure or temperature change and wet air from entering the cold insulation layer between the inner and outer tanks, so as to improve the service life of cold insulation material and effectively ensure and improve the service life of cold insulation material. when designing and manufacturing the structure type of thermal insulation material, special attention must be paid to the damp protection measures.

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